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Tom releases his first solo record entitled
I Wish I Could Talk In Technicolor

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Tom onstage at the Canopy Club, Urbana IL

Paper Tree (2002 - present)

Paper Tree was Tom's first new project formed when he moved back to the Chicago suburbs after spending six years in Champaign and Urbana. The band was a reunion with a college friend and collaborator, Brian Sanchez. During college, the two played with Tim Rimbos and Tom Maslin in a band called Admiral Freebee.

In October 2002, Brian and Tom began recording the band's first record, which would eventually be released in May of the following year. The album's title 6'x 4' is a reference to the space with which the two had to work while tracking the album. With the exception of the drums, the album was recorded in bedrooms, one track at a time. The drums were recorded in the basement of Tom's Elmhurst house. The duo worked at a solid pace of two to three sessions per week. Brian brought most of the songs to the table, and came up with all the programmed drum tracks. Brian played acoustic guitar and the majority of lead guitar on the record, while Tom supplied bass, drums, some guitar, synth, and vocals. The record was mixed by Brian's brother Manny at Chicago Recording Company.

Following the release of 6' x 4', Brian and Tom took the band from the studio to the stage by recruiting Tim Rimbos on drums and Adam Dell on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. The group played about 10 shows, including an Elliot Smith tribute show performed on March 2, 2005. It was the band's last performance to date.

Brian and Tom never stopped recording. In June 2003, a few weeks after finishing 6' x 4', the duo convened at Brian's Chicago apartment to begin work on a new Perona song entitled "Jacob vs. Sam". Neither of them would have guessed that it would take nearly eleven years to complete the record. Tracking was completed in late 2010, and the record was mixed and mastered by Manny Sanchez in March 2011. From that point until the spring of 2014, the album sat completed, gracing the iPods of a few friends, but never getting the full production treatment it deserved.

In the fall of 2012, Brian and Tom reconvened at a different Chicago apartment of Brian's to begin work on a new batch of Brian's original material. The sessions for the new songs rekindled interest in the completed, but not yet packaged second album. Tom coordinated with their longtime friend and graphic artist Matthew Benkert (Chewy) to create the album's packaging and in March 2014, the second album, entitled In Due Time, was released.

Brian and Tom are continue working on their third studio album, this time in the comforts of Populist Recording with the honorable James Scott at the board. No due date has been set for the record, other than the band hopes to release it prior to 2024.

All songs from the band's first two records are available to stream or download. Click on the play button to listen to a song, or right click the song title to download the mp3.

In Due Time

Jacob vs. Sam

Good Enough

Much Better

Sick of Being Red

August of My Days

Not Coming Back

Course of a Life

Soft Spot

Doesn't Mean Always

Next Piece of Earth

How About You

Tried To Save

6' x 4'

Broken Guitar


Little Bit Off

High Tide


All Away





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