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Tom releases his first solo record entitled
I Wish I Could Talk In Technicolor

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Tom onstage at the Canopy Club, Urbana IL


JellybaNNed pioneered the neopsychadelicpoprockduo sound. From their humble beginnings in an Urbana basement apartment back in January 2001, Mr. Furly and Dr. Pants built JellybaNNed into a formidable pop rock force through their blend of harmony, pop sensibilities, and offbeat subject matter.

With little intention of creating a new musical project, Pants and Furly embarked upon some recreational acoustic recordings of cover material including tracks by Wilco, Flying Burrito Brothers, Mother Hips, and the Beatles. A few of Pants' original songs were recorded that January and over the next four months.

JellybaNNed's live sound began to formulate during the spring of 2002. The duo's first show took place June 22, 2002 at the annual Sidel barbeque in Furly's hometown of Sidel, IL. One month later, Pants and Furly took their act to the local radio station, WEFT, for an hour long live performance. Since then, JellybaNNed has branched out into a full on rock band occasionally incorporating the services of Jim LeFager on drums and Mike Racky on pedal steel and bass. JellybaNNed's last performance took place on May 22, 2004 at The Note in Chicago.

JellybaNNed completed one full length studio album, entitled Fist Raisin' Music. The bulk of Fist Raisin' was recorded on October 18, 2003 down on the Farm in Newman, IL. Overdubs took place sparatically over the next 18 months in Wood Dale, Elmhurst, Winfield, and Oak Park, IL. Dr. Pants plays all the instruments except for some acoustic guitar performed by Furly. The album was engineered and produced by Pants.

Click on the play button to listen to a song, or right click the song title to download the mp3.


Newman Blues

3000 Days

No Change


In the Future

Bowlin' On My Mind

Candy Store

Space Cadet


Sin City


On Monday, July 22, 2002 JellybaNNed, along with Chewy and the Jelly-Kids, walked into the WEFT studios at 113 N. Market Street in Champaign for a live one hour local music show entitled WEFT sessions. It was the group's second live performance, and needless to say tomfoolery was inevitable. You can listen to some of the audio highlights by clicking on the play button next to the song title below.


In the Future

Daisy and Joaquin (Bluhm/Loiacono)

I'll Be On My Way (Lennon/McCartney)

Jesus, Etc. (Tweedy)


Between January and April 2002, JellybaNNed took shape via an impromtu series of 4-track sessions at Dr. Pants' apartment in Urbana, IL. Furly and Pants simply chose a few of their favorite songs and put them to tape.

JugbaNNed Blues (Barrett)

She Came in Throught the Bathroom Window (Lennon/McCartney)

Shot in the Arm (Tweedy)

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